Porcelain crowns and bridges

When the teeth crowns are very worn out, it is possible to bring them back to life and improve their durability with porcelain crowns. If several teeth are missing, bridges, i.e. permanent prosthetic devices, are fixed on the patient's teeth filed to shape. These can be metal or fully ceramic prosthetic devices. Both crowns and bridges made of porcelain are very aesthetic and durable, and they offer a maximum comfort of use.

Vidental co-operates with a very experienced technician. On many occasions our patients have been delighted with his technical talent and sense of aesthetics, as well as with his individual approach to every assignment.

Skeletal prostheses

Skeletal prostheses are removable metal or acrylic prosthetic devices. They are referred to as periodontal or periodontal- mucous membrane prostheses which allow patients to keep their dentition for many years to come. The metal clasps in those prostheses can be replaced with cosmetic latch-on or snap-on fastenings, or telescopic crowns.

Complete dentures

After the patient has lost all his/her teeth, a complete acrylic denture can be made. These prosthetic devices are made of the best materials available on the market. Each tooth is set individually, which makes the patient look natural.

A variation of the complete denture is the immediate denture. It is made if the patient still has several of his/her teeth. After it has been made, all the teeth are extracted and the denture is applied during a single visit. The immediate denture acts like a surgical dressing and gums heal very well. Alveoral outgrowths are formed according to the denture base, which ensures very good adherence. After the gums have healed, the denture sometimes needs lining or even a complete replacement if the alveoral atrophy is significant.