Paediatric dentistry

  • caries diagnosis of milk and permanent teeth
  • treatment of milk teeth caries
  • conservative treatment of permanent teeth caries
  • ozonotherapy
  • caries prophylaxis
Milk teeth but also permanent teeth at developmental age are extremely susceptible to caries. It is related to their structural characteristics and to mouth hygiene. An examination with the diagnostic laser DIAGNODENT allows the detection of even the smallest changes in the demineralization of hard tissues which are invisible in the dental mirror. Early carious changes can be treated with ozone (without drilling) – ozonotherapy. For this purpose the HealOzone device is used. As the teeth at the developmental age are especially susceptible to caries, it is recommended that children should visit a dental surgery every 3 months. In our clinic young patients are given special care by Dr Agnieszka Włodarczyk, holder of a doctor's degree in medicine and a specialist in paediatric dentistry. The first visit, the "adaptation visit", is usually devoted to the diagnosis and prophylaxis of caries. Possible treatment methods are also discussed during the visit. All procedures are painless and are performed under local anaesthesia while the patients are watching cartoons during the visit. Waiting to see the doctor, the young patients will not get bored as they can read stories or draw in the waiting room. And at the end of the visit the brave patients will get a special prize. To fill permanent teeth we offer high-class light cured fillings; for milk teeth – coloured light cured fillings are very popular at the moment.