Laughing gas

Patients who experience strong fears of a visit to the dentist are offered an inhalatory sedation with nitrous oxide.

The advantages of the laughing gas:

  • laughing gas sedation is very safe and harmless
  • it is especially recommended to children and adults who experience a strong fear of treatment or of injections
  • the sedation is achieved by the inhalation of nitrous oxide and a large amount of oxygen through a mask put on the nose
  • the patient experiences a pleasant daze and remains in a dreamlike state
  • the laughing gas stops working in just minutes after it is switched off
After the treatment, full consciousness is regained very quickly. The laughing gas stops working in just minutes after the apparatus is switched off, and in half an hour the patient can drive a car.

The administration of nitrous oxide is the most effective if:

  • either you or your child experiences fear of dental treatment
  • your child has never undergone dental treatment before
  • it is necessary to perform anaesthetization in the form of an injection
  • the patient exhibits a strong vomiting reflex and the impression or an X-ray picture cannot be taken
  • tooth extraction seems hardly bearable for the patient